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Hustler bright2.jpg

It's 2am... the elevator door slides open. Three hooded figures slide the cart of brick work out onto the roof lobby of the residence. The Boss said to stay low - the cameras angle high. This was the last job of the night we had to finish to earn our rank. I paged the boss that we arrived as we wait for his signal.

Three knocks on the other side of the roof access door. There it was. My heart began throbbing. Only one line of CoDean separates us from another successful heist. Hands trembling, I type in the code boss just paged me... success. We slide the cart onto the rooftop to be picked up by the chopper waiting for us. Only seconds remain for us to close out our most successful night yet.

I run over to the chopper and attach the grapple hook to the cart and signal the chopper to take off. But wait - the air is thick. Something's not right. As we watch the chopper fly I look down to my pager and read the message...

"Abort mission - we've been Highjacked!" But alas, it was too late.

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